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The New American Gun Ban


The Oak of American Tyranny

A short future historical narrative by Antony Craig Freeman

In the early 21st century, the American government took away all firearms and outlawed private gun ownership for any reason. All privately owned guns were ordered turned in and destroyed. The manufacture of guns for private ownership was also eliminated. The government had good reason to do so. Mentally unstable people with AR 15 rifles and handguns were shooting down the helpless in schools, movie theaters, and other gun-free zones. All Americans had become potential victims in legally sanctioned Gun-Free Zones. The senseless shootings had become seemingly epidemic. Such violence just could not be tolerated any longer. No one listened when many pointed out that taking away guns from law-abiding citizens would do nothing to protect the innocent. The New American Gun Ban was enacted and effectively repealed the 2nd Amendment.

A generation or two, or more, of Americans went by. No one alive knew firsthand of the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The reason for the 2nd Amendment, to protect ourselves from tyrannical government, was also long forgotten. It was only something people may have read about in very old history books. Few, if any, such books still existed.

The American government, composed of power-driven political leaders, no longer feared its own powerless citizenry. The healthy respect of law-abiding Americans by their own government, along with gun ownership, had long since become history. The seed of total disregard by government of the rights of the people began, continued, and grew. Another generation or two, or more, passed by.

Americans were increasingly unhappy and fed up with government abuse of the people. They had no real power to deter or reign in the tyranny that had become the American government. The American public, being disarmed, had become little more than sheep in the eyes of the powerful. Americans began to protest and riot in the streets against the now commonplace tyranny of the rule of men. Our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms was long since forgotten. With no more than sticks and stones for self-protection, Americans were helpless in the face of tyranny. It was never supposed to be this way.  But it was.

The President of the great United States, unlimited in his power over the people, vowed to quash any and all rebellion. What right had these rabble-rousing citizens to protest the great and powerful American government? Political leaders were outraged at the thought of such disrespect. It could not and would not be tolerated.

The seeds of disregard and abuse of the citizenry by the government were long since planted and ever-growing. A group of rioters were shot in the street by government forces when rocks and bottles, along with a few Molotov Cocktails, were thrown their way. The deadly reaction of the government forces was not under anyone’s order. It wasn’t supposed to happen. It was just a shot fired into the crowd by one fearful government soldier. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the new shot heard around the world. The shot had been fired and the rioters had no protection. With this first shot, the rest of the government soldiers, thinking the order had been given, also fired into the crowd of protesters. Within moments the thunderous barrage of government gunfire had put down the riot, along with the rioters themselves. The protesters, except for a lucky few who had fled the far side of the crowd at the outset, lay dead in the street. The Great American Bloodbath had begun.

This had never happened before! Not that anyone could remember anyway. Not since the Kent State riot in the 20th century had such a thing happened. And that was a long time ago. Such things  simply didn’t happen in the modern world of governmental order. The people were outraged. A small army of government officials appeared on all the Sunday television news talk shows to explain away and disown the mortal mistake. But now it had happened. From seed to tree, the Oak of American Tyranny had fully matured.

More protests and riots occurred over the recent shooting of the protesters. Those in power now had no less of a response than gunfire that would be effective in putting down the riots. After all, although unsanctioned, the putting down by deadly force of the one riot had been quite effective. That riot stopped in short order when blood flowed in the streets. In a very short time, the shooting of protesters and rioters had become the official sanctioned response of the American government. After all, unarmed citizens are powerless in the face of an armed, abusive, and tyrannical government. Everyone knew that. So it was.

Another generation or two, or more, of Americans passed. Now,  the government, with  banal impunity, regularly rounds up unruly citizens and kills them. What else can be done with such trouble-makers and ingrates? The lucky ones who are not killed are instead sent to the new American gulags. There is no other way to handle an ungrateful citizenry.

Whatever happened to the American liberty we once knew? If we’d only avoided the early 21st century New American Gun Ban and elimination of private gun ownership by law-abiding Americans, it would never have happened. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. But it did…

By Antony Craig Freeman