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Idiots Guide to the 2nd Amendment:

It is our birthright to protect ourselves. No one can take away that right except by offending that right. The 2nd Amendment does not grant us that right. It merely guarantees that right. To say that the Bill of Rights grants the rights it addresses is not true.

More broadly, the Bill of Rights, which is the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, guarantees, not grants, the rights it addresses. If these rights were granted by the government to United States citizens, the government would then have the power to revoke or take away these rights. That is clearly not the case and is why the Bill of Rights was written to guarantee, not grant, these rights which are inherent to all people.

Any government action which seeks to restrict or revoke the guarantees afforded us under the Bill of Rights is a direct offense against the very rights that it seeks to restrict or revoke. Such action is, therefore, illegal in these United States of America.

The 2nd Amendment is settled law.