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FREE MAN GUN WORKS Supplying Your Second Amendment Needs

July 2016

Free Man Gun Works is here to supply your Second Amendment Needs!

Firearms and accessories at unbeatable prices!

This page will serve as my temporary business information page until I get a permanent up and running.

I am currently able to order for you most any firearms and accessories that you desire with the exception of NFA items. I can also have your chosen firearm delivered to your local gun shop or any FFL licensee nationwide for your pickup. If you happen to be in my local area, you can pick up your purchase directly from me.

I do not charge for background checks on guns purchased and picked up directly from me.

Delivery time is usually two days. Shoot me an email for more information.

I can also accept your firearms shipments for you that you purchase elsewhere and perform FBI background check for legal transfer to you. I charge $25 for this service when the firearm is not purchased from me.

I can perform background check for sales between local to me private sellers and purchasers. I charge $25 for this service when the firearm is not purchased from me.

I can get you many of your firearms accessories at unbeatable prices, including optics, scopes, and other items. Items other than actual firearms can be delivered directly to you and do not require any sort of background check.

Firearms purchaser, by law, will undergo FBI background check at the point of customer pickup. This is standard procedure for a firearms purchase.

Already know what you want? Give me a shout and we’ll set up your next money-saving firearms and accessories purchase!

Happy Hunting!

Tony Freeman, Owner

Bacliff, TX