On the Charlottesville Virginia Troubles

​Once again it turns out to be violence fomented by the Left. This time they stirred up trouble between two different stripes of radical Leftist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia. And, then to somehow blame it on conservative Americans, I can only suppose, was the plan.

Good, Conservative, red-blooded Americans don’t support any of the groups on either side of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. They were Leftists committing violence on Leftists of a different sort, instigated by the political, capital L, Left in this country. Activist Leftists are betraying the United States of America to further their own leftist political agenda of destroying our constitutional system of government of checks and balances of power in favor of their own selfish authoritarian values.

That is to say, instead of the United States Constitution, the political Left seeks a system of government where power resides in and rests only with the powerful. Not the people. It’s been said that, for the political Left in our country, and the world over, the issue is never the issue, the revolution is always the issue. Sound familiar? It does to me.

Does anyone see any repetitive history here? For many, of course not. The Left took that from our younger generations already. But, for those of us who do know a little history… Twenty-seventeen, nineteen-seventeen. Ring any bells, Leftists? This has all been tried before. It didn’t turn out good for the people then and it won’t turn out any better for the people this time. That is, if the Left continues to have their way with our country.

But, not to worry, the Left will say, they just didn’t do it right that time, you know, back in days of the, obviously forgotten, Bolsheviks of 1917. Today’s Leftists are certain they can get it right. They know what the people need. And they’re going to give it to us, good and hard. If we let them.